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Installing Hadoop on OS X El Capitan (And probably Sierra)

This information is primarily sourced (read heavily copied and modified) from: and references  This also assumes you have homebrew and Java 1.7+ installed. When I did this it installed Hadoop 2.7.3 Steps: 1.  Set JAVA_HOME in your bash profile.   $ export JAVA_HOME=$(/usr/libexec/java_home) 2.  Install hadoop with brew, as of this writing it will download and […]

Story Continued…

Chapter 2 Derwood was conceived in Singapore.  His mother was a Korean woman of little renown, a systems engineer for a declining computer manufacturer.  Although she worked diligently to nurture his growth, she was emotionally distant and uninvolved beyond what was required.  His father was of somewhat greater renown, having been committed to an asylum […]

And now for something completely different…

Chapter 1 When humans expanded beyond the atmosphere of Earth, it was not NASA, the United States or Chinese governments, nor any other government that led the way; it was the corporations.  There of the major oil companies banded together in the late 22nd century and founded the first extra-terrestrial colony on Alpha Centauri.  The […]

Ruby Serialport on Windows

At work, we design and build directional sensors (glorified digital compasses). I like to use Ruby for my scripting needs at work. Most of the the time this works well, but sometimes I need to talk to one of our sensors through the serial port, and this gets a little messy on the windows side […]

Ruby-on-Rails: Mongrel Configuration

I actually forgot I had this site, until Alec Jacobson made a comment and reminded me of it’s existence  (oops).   Will attempt to remember to post more, but I’m just not the blogging sort of person. So this post pertains to some work I actually did about a month ago, which would have made […]

Qt and Ruby on Windows and Mac

Setting up Qt and Ruby

XHTML Image Space

Investigating unexpected whitespace under an image